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To The Last

We’re always trying to find the light that leads us closer


As I take a late night stroll through the stress, I think to myself “when will I get out of this rut? What can I do and how can I improve to make myself better?” It’s always sucks at the start making the first move. It’s only a few steps later down when realize it gets easier. The hard part is actually maintaining that consistency to continue and strive to go beyond your comfort zone. 


What am I wearing: Jacket Hoodie from Ben Sherman, Crooks & Castles printed pocket and sleeve t-shirt, Cheap Monday pants, Topman satchel, S/S Supply Goods 5-Panel Cap. 



Gotta stay loyal to my S/S Supply Goods friends. Not only are they my close friends, their caps and clothes are so dope. 


Crooks & Castles tee. I found this in the new Trilogy Boutique by Glorietta 5. Can’t say no to Crooks, I’ve been diggin’ their style for the longest time now. At an affordable price, I always look forward to my next purchase. 


We shot this at Quezon City MRT Station. If you pass-by here often, then of course you’ll know the overpass. I always take the MRT to get around. Most times I can’t stand sitting in traffic as the time goes flies by. I actually enjoy coming up here when it’s dead quiet and I’m alone. It makes me think ahead of time and create a picture as to where I wan’t to be in the next few years. So if you’re reading this and you just so happen to see me in this very spot, feel free to say hello :)

Art of Skateboarding




Recently I’ve been into supporting local independent brand S/S Supply Goods.Their 5-panel caps are indeed a unique style of it’s own. Every cap has it’s own unique pattern made from different materials such as high grade wool, wool felt, corduroy, twill and special Japanese cotton. Their cap buckles are made of brass eyelets giving an awesome rustic look of the logo emblem, topped with a genuine leather strap. And finally, the caps are double fused to maintain the perfect shape.


In addition to their swanky 5-panel caps, S/S Supply Goods have put together some of the tidiest button-down garments I’ve ever worn. S/S reinterpret classics by adding subtle yet curious details to each piece, founded on the principle of providing functional essentials to make any man look good at any situation. They also play with different prints and textures, which are rooted on nature and its elements. 


Casio Retro Vintage calculator watch - Seen as the ultimate hipster watch haha.


Whenever I travel out of town I always try and make the effort to bring the DSLR camera just because you never know what you may come across. Although I’ve lived here in Manila for nearly 3 years now, there’s still so much to be discovered. I try to also make use of my location to take photos of the outfits I’m promoting, just so I can try “kill two birds with the one stone”. If you can find the time to juggle work with leisure and make fun out of it at the same time, you know you’re on the right track.

Outfit: S/S Supply Goods button down shirt 5-panel cap, Casio watch and Zara shorts.

S/S Supply Goods AW13 collection is available on the brand’s e-shop. 

Photos by The illadvised Khai

The Warehouse Project

Dear friends,

As you may have seen on my recent posts, I’ve worked with Boxfresh for quite some time now since starting Robbie Off Duty. Being an avid fan since day one, I have never turned down the opportunity to work this up and coming British street-wear brand. 

With a successful roll out of Autumn Winter 13’ merchandise this year, Boxfresh have decided that it’s now time to give the customers a better understanding behind the IDENTITY of the brand: WE REPRESENT LONDON YOUTH CULTURE.

"We are a brand that knows fashion. And we’re also a brand that knows how to PARTY!"

If it’s going to your first time to look for Boxfresh, that’s ok! I’m here to help you. Boxfresh can be found in all major Bratpack stores Greenbelt 5, Alabang, Shangri-la, Ermita and One Archers. Make sure you check out these outlets because aside from participating, I guarantee you’re gonna find some pretty-fresh merchandise. 

Competition ends SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, winners will be announced on the following Monday via Instagram: @Robbieoffduty

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